It’s official: Burnout is real

Our ability to function, deliver and thrive depends on how resilient we are at leveraging all 4 types of energy. The reality is that a change in behaviour involves a change in our thinking, a change in perspective and a skill-based process in which we can begin to build our resilience from the inside out.

How to choose a coach

There are coaches out there who are ‘super strong generalists.’ They really know how to dig in and help their clients excavate what is most important to them. More specialist areas include life coaching, coaching through divorce, career coaching, leadership or team coaching and even maternity coaching or coaching for young people making a transition. The best advice is to ask your potential coach if your needs fall into their speciality.

Advice: How to establish a resilience strategy

Leaders and HR professionals are ultimately accountable for the wellbeing and engagement of their people. The danger with the increasingly common wellbeing initiatives such as mindfulness, physical health checks and nutritional advice, is it focuses only on wellbeing on an individual level, placing the emphasis on the ‘employee,’ rather than the ‘employer.’

Action Plan: now it’s your turn!

On average it takes around 66 days before a new behaviour becomes automatic.
It’s not easy and it if we don’t continue to develop our self-awareness we can fall back into our old patterns of thinking and behaviours, especially when we feel pressured and stressed.

Resilience coaching
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