Experience counts.

Facilitation can mean the difference between creating real light-bulb moments between people & struggling to move forward. 

Experience counts. We've helped government engage the general public on complex issues as well as facilitating small teams of professionals work through internal challenges.

We'll help you plan, design & deliver objective based approaches to get the best out of you & your stakeholders. No matter how complex the issue, how many people you have involved, or the diversity of the group, we have the experience to help

3 Great reasons to consider facilitation

 1- Cost effective.

Next time you gather a team of people together take a moment to calculate the salary costs involved. Engaging us means we'll help you professionally design & lead the meeting up front so time and effort is focused and efficient.

2. Bring your best.

Working with us means you can bring your best self to the session.

We'll take responsibility for running the meeting so you don't have to. We'll agree a brief, design the meeting & then facilitate proceedings for you.

 3.Changing behaviour

If you are determined to change the culture of your meetings then a skilled facilitator can help. Managing people to best serve the interest of the meeting, whilst skilfully challenging ineffective behaviours and maintaining focus are all part of effective and independent facilitation.

Why choose us?

" Brought alive a complex journey"

" Lively facilitation with the discipline to ensure a successful outcome with a new perspective on the subject and presentation that brought alive the key elements of a complex journey for a challenging audience. ”

Ray Foster - Director  - Government

" Great results in a short space of time "

"Effortless facilitation producing great results in a short space of time. We fully recommend."

Fiona Vacher - Executive Director - Childcare Trust

Dr Helen Miles

" Clear...simple...focused...flexible"

" Clear, simple and focused approach that helped us deliver our objectives. Flexible, sound advice and support from start to finish and I'm happy to recommend."

Kevin Pilley - Director of Policy, Projects & Historic Environment - Government

"Involving...engaging style of facilitation"

" Involving, highly relevant, packaging theoretical concepts in ways that made them accessible to all, using a confident, engaging style of facilitation. David specialises in a no-nonsense approach; keeping clear of confusing management jargon, whilst bringing energy, authenticity, and impact."

Mark Gilroy - Managing Director - TMS Development International 

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