The trainers, coaches and consultants at ResDev are a diverse bunch of experience and backgrounds, all bringing something unique to the mix. That's what great teams are supposed to be about right? We appreciate each others strengths and celebrate our diversity which helps us find the right mix for our clients.  What brings us together is a real passion for resilience and the impact it can have on individuals, teams and organisations.

Emma Ogilvie

Emma delivers and develops. She is our super talented psychology and counselling brain and prefers to stay in the background. She is also without question the most organised and methodical person in our office. Fact.

Top 3 Character Strengths: Perspective | Social Intelligence | Bravery

This is why Emma is responsible for managing the office and pretty much telling everyone else what to do. She is so good at it the rest of us just do what she asks. It keeps everything nice and simple and means clients get exactly what they need when they want it.

Emma is an avid reader, championship tea drinker (we don't know where it all goes) and a voice for mental health. She was part of the Government mental health strategy and sits on the board of the Resilience Matters charity.


Louise Scambler

Louise Scambler

Lou brings things to life. She is a super talented facilitator, professional coach, prefers to work in community projects and her top strength is humour. She is without question the funniest and most generous person in our office. Fact.

Top 3 Character Strengths: Humour | Kindness| Social Intelligence

Louise's background is predominantly in the film industry followed by training in retail environments so she is used to delivering in high pressure situations. Clients really warm to her genuine interest in people and if we need a creative and engaging way to get a skill across she is the first person we turn to. She is also the one with the most breadth of delivery experience having worked with Princes Trust, schools and vulnerable adults.

When not in the office we'd say her hobby is looking after her husband, son and dogs. She is amazing at it and that's because she is genuinely a very giving person. 

Jon Watkins


Jon is the ex elite military guy and it's pretty obvious when you meet him. He's tall, doesn't get flustered and has plenty of memories and examples of tough situations that make people quickly get perspective.

Top 3 Character Strengths: Perseverance | Teamwork | Judgement

This is why Jon spends his time facilitating, coaching and developing both our face-to-face and on-line programmes. Jon spent most of his adult life serving in the Real Marines before serving with UK Special Forces with the Special Boat Service (SBS). It was in this environment he gained his significant experience of operating in a high-performance team, complex, high pressured and uncertain environments whilst dealing with information overload and managing multiple high-priority projects at the same time.

Outside of work Jon is married to Charlie and they spend their time looking after Roxy, an energetic lovable rogue of a Labrador. When not snuggling up to Roxy (and Charlie) Jon spends his time walking, kayaking and having BBQs on the beach. A keen sports enthusiast with a background in rugby and cricket he is also a history buff with a knack for knowing ridiculous trivia.

Jon is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, holds an Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching and is MSP and Prince2 qualified.

David Ogilvie


David is the commercial one. With a background in industry up to board level he's the one we put in front of senior leaders. He's very comfortable talking numbers, organisational outcomes and culture.

Top 3 Character Strengths: Creativity | Curiosity | Leadership

This is why David would be our Managing Director if we focused on titles (which we don't). We prefer to focus on strengths and team contribution so David can often be found coaching, facilitating, developing programmes and talking to clients about their needs.

David is Vice Chair of a large family nursing charity,  Fellow, mentor and Subject Matter Expert Panel Member of The Chartered Management Institute. He's also a fully qualified executive coach.


Derek Hoddinott

Derek consults and delivers. His top strengths are creativity and curiosity and he uses them to work on change projects at senior level in organisations like NHS and local councils.

Derek has a diverse background in health, commissioning and charity sector holding roles up to and including Chief Executive. He tends to work on business development and longer term consultancy work.

Derek is an avid scuba diving instructor specialising in shark conservation and when he's not in the water he's on a motorcycle or relaxing in the countryside with his wife.


Jane Yates

Jane is a practising child & adolescent psychotherapeutic counsellor combining her love of creativity and art with her passion for helping people.

Jane is either helping children and adolescents to processionals their feelings in our offices or building resilience in community projects.

Jane is a keen artist and can often be found with a paint brush or pencil in her hand.

Sam Jule

Sam is our technological wiz kid. Point at a screen, ask him "Can you do that?" and his answer is mostly, "leave it with me for a while and I'll get back to you. I'm not sure how and I'll enjoy finding out."

Top 3 Character Strengths: Creativity | Teamwork | Fairness

This is why Sam is responsible for developing our website, apps and technology projects.  It also helps that he is outgoing, has a great sense of humour and can heavily relate to Emma and her love of tea. In fact, give Sam a laptop, internet connection and keep him supplied with tea and he's happy.

Sam likes to read, explore his love of fantasy games and listen to tunes. His favourite items are his dice, headphones and hat.


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