Transition vs change and the 5Rs

Our capacity to build and maintain resilience is fundamental to successful transitioning. In times of unpredictability, stability and certainty break down as our routines are disrupted, our reactions become extreme and intense, our relationships change, roles shift, and we experience a potentially unfamiliar and new sense of identity. Such changes can be overwhelming.

Are you just being a bit thick?

People tend to value their own boundary type and may look down on the qualities associated with the “other” type. Thin boundary people for example may see themselves as “creative”, “innovative” and “exciting” and can look on people with thick boundaries as “lacking in imagination”, “rigid” and “boring.”

How To Make Your People At Work Feel Like Super Heroes And Build Resilience At The Same Time

So leaders can develop HERO powers in their people but they’ve got to be looking out for them. Unlike Superman they are not going to be wearing their underpants on the outside so you’ve got to really pay attention. The next time you are talking to one of your team and you get a sense they are not engaged, I’d urge you to think HERO…..what is it that’s blocking their potential and how can I help them become the absolute best they can be? We forget we all have the potential to make a difference to someone else and isn’t that what being a true leader is all about? Making a difference?

Live Blog: CIPD 2017 #Think Conference – Final Thoughts

What I’ve seen today is that work is simply not working. I leave the last words to myself – Just because everyone else is doing it, just because its been done like this for 10 years or ever since you joined the company it does not make it right. Listen to the facts, listen to science, the numbers are not wrong, things need to change its time to focus on the wellbeing of people and the culture of your organisation and the benefits are huge and necessary!

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