For high-performing professionals it’s not the external change that is difficult, it’s the internal transition

Transition coaching helps you adopt new approaches, mindsets and beliefs, leading to long-term increased personal satisfaction, professional success and bottom-line results. Using our scientifically tested and researched methodology we will show you how to build new patterns of thinking, replace old routines, maintain relationships, shift roles and put you back in control of your life.

focusing on practical skills to help you move forward with confidence & focus
designed to help you break old patterns and form new habits
% focus
on you, your wellbeing, mental fitness and emotional health

Executive vs Transition coaching?

Executive coaching covers a wide range of situations. Transition coaching focuses on a specific niche. The goal of transition coaching is to reduce the time it takes for professionals to emotionally and mentally navigate a specific change and establish a framework for continued success. 

Action & results

Tailored to you

Your coach works with you to develop a plan, a road map and new skills to  quickly get you where you need to go. The relationship also includes regular meetings, progress checks and access to our proprietary resilience building methodology. You and your transition is unique, so our approach is not one size fits all.


Imagine understanding who you are, where you are going and the essential behaviour you will need to get there.

understand transition stress

5R's of transition

Transitions are among the most challenging and difficult situations anyone will ever face, patterns are broken, routines are disrupted, relationships evolve, roles shift, and we begin acquiring a new sense of identity. Want to know more?

Read more about the 5R's of transition here

Is transition coaching right for me?

Read what other people say about working with us and get in touch:
" Invaluable beyond words "

" The support, guidance, professionalism and insight I found  was invaluable beyond words. ResDev helped me move forward, understand, recognise and appreciate the various hats I find myself wearing, how to get the best out of them, succeed and enjoy my working life experience.”

Richard Bedford - Grammy Nominated Singer / Songwriter

"Help me deal with any situation I am faced with"

"These skills help me to deal with any situation I am faced with in a way that develops my confidence. I am better equipped to manage stress, solve problems and achieve goals. An experience which made an immediate difference to how I think about everything!"

Dr Helen Miles

"Fantastic. I'd recommend it."

" This felt very personal and worked for me. It made me realise who I am and really brought me back to understanding me. The level of understanding, enthusiasm and knowledge was fantastic. I'd recommend it to anyone. " 

M. Le Cornu - Group Commander - Fire & Rescue

"You knocked it out of the ball park "

" My interview was so unique and different to everyone else that my new employer asked who had helped me. I told them all about you and your approach. They said they'd be in touch. "

Joanna Macnair - Senior Medical Territory Manager 

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